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1How do I apply for the agriculture soil and water conservation services for hillside land?2013-10-14
2Why we need to investigate the manmade-slope?2013-06-05
3How to know the regions of the Hillside Aggregations?2013-06-05
4How to inquire the rate of process of soil and water conservation plan application?2013-05-10
5What is manmade-slope? How to apply for a service to check manmade-slopes for free near my house?2012-12-12
6How to apply for a simple excavation or site preparation for agricultural usufruct?2012-06-21
7What are the government action plans for the safety of the slope communities?2012-05-22
8How to remove the Protected Forest? How to apply for non-protection forests certificate?2012-04-18
9Where is the suspension bridge in White Stone Cirque? How to go there?2012-03-20
10When the Hillside Aggregations will be dismantled and relocated?2012-02-17
11How to apply for the Kueichekeng Soil & Water Conservation Teaching Park Zone guided tour?2012-02-17
12How to apply for using Kueichekeng Camping Field?2012-01-31
13What is the concept of the treatment on the wild creeks of Taipei City Government?2012-01-31
14How to check whether my house is in the slope communities governed by Taipei City Government or not?2011-12-26
15Where should I file if I found someone illegally excavating hillsides? If I see a flagrante delicto, which departement should I contact?2011-12-26
16What’s the meaning of A, B, and C slope communities classified by Construction and Planning Agency?2011-10-24
17How to apply for hillside development license?2011-10-24
18Where are the regions of the Hillside Aggregations?2011-09-21