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What is the concept of the treatment on the wild creeks of Taipei City Government?

Taipei City is a typical basin surrounded by mountains, where the origins of many creeks are located. The water flow for these streams is short and rapid. Because the streams are right by the residential areas in the mountains, the residents' lives and personal properties are easily threatened in cases of flooding caused by a silted riverbed.
Over the years, Taipei City Government has been continuously working on restoring the wild creek and ecosystem. Besides the safety concerns that aim at preventing flooding and other disasters, the government is even more interested in keeping the local ecosystem and landscape. With conservation in mind, along with the nearby cultural, recreational, and industrial characteristics, the government is creating a convenient, low-cost, and precious recreational resources for the Taipei citizens.

While planning for the wild creek restoration, the municipal government adhered to the concept of “wild creek with landscape”, integrating disaster prevention,environment, culture, leisure, and community. Besides contemplating ways to prevent floods from eroding disposed slag by the riverbank and resulting in erosion and disasters, the government also had to emphasize the new structures' style, color, functionality for water-friendliness,and union with the surrounding scenery, as well as thebalance of ecosystem and its sustainability.