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How to apply for using Kueichekeng Camping Field?

Kueichekeng camping field is only for online-applied with priority of application number. Once the quota is full, the application will not be accepted, including onsite-registration. Please make the reservation through the Internet and acquire the application number at least a week to 30 days before camping.

The duration of each camping activity applicationis limited to a two-day trip each time.
Document confirmation

The applier(the main responsible user, at least 18 years old, is responsible for all attendant members' safety during activities) must offer related information the day after the reservation within 5 days through Email or fax to competent authority. Required information as following:
Application form.

2.Applier's front and back ID copy. Copy of the applier's front and back ID card. (The students' groups under the junior high school need teachers to be the responsible user Teachers must be the main responsible users of student groups under junior high school)

3.Attend members' roster.