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Taipei City Geotechnical Engineering Office


NO.TitlePublish Date
61Taipei City Hillslope Geology Conference Nov. 16th: Technical Exchange between All Sectors2013-01-11
62The Creation of the 8 Wonders of the “Legend of Immortal Lu Dongbin” at the Xianjiyan Scenic Area2012-12-12
63Taipei City Hiking Trail App:Mountain Climbing and Hiking, Relaxation and Body Shaping2012-12-12
64Taipei City Artificial Slope Survey:0.3% Listed as Needing Improvement2012-12-12
65Taipei City Government establishes Unmanned Aerial Photography Fleet: Slope Land Exploitation Detected!2012-11-09
66All Maokong Gondola pylons are not of dip slope: nearby slopes included in patrol area for enhanced safety2012-11-09
67Completion of Taipei City’s first “Campervan” campground at Guizikeng2012-11-09
68Rehabilitation of Jingquexi River a success, creating a new haven for river tracing2012-11-09
69Eight hiking trails recommended for early autumn excursions in September2012-10-15
70The 10 unique sceneries of Yuanshan that you must visit!2012-10-15
71Terraced rice fields reappear in Xishan, Taipei2012-10-15
72The 2012 annual review meeting of slope community safety maintenance2012-09-13
73“The Hillside Environment Geology Information System of the Taipei Geotechnical Engineering Office” won the 8th Annual Gold Map Awards 2012 for Best Promoting Services2012-09-13
74Taipei City Hillside Disaster Prevention Information System:2012-09-13
75The Overall Review Meeting of 24 Hillside Aggregations in Taipei city2012-07-20
76June 12, 2012 Torrential Rain Taipei City Council mobilized the first inspection and analysis of [Potential Debris Flow torrents]2012-07-20
77The patrol and inspection of hillside aggregations have been started in May, 2012.2012-06-21
78The Geotechnical Engineering Office of Taipei City and Neihu district office collaborated ‘White Stone Cirque strawberry season hiking activity in 2012’ and advocated the healthy and lie fallow industry2012-04-18
79There are 15 manmade-slopes which related to public safety have been improved already2012-03-19
80The third disaster-prevented propaganda of Slope Buildings has accomplished in the hundredth year2011-06-01