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Geotechnical Engineering Office belongs to the Public Works Department of Taipei City Government. There are chief engineer, chief secretary, senior specialist, 2 assistant chief engineers, 7 sections and 4 offices, under the head of the Office, the director and the vice director. The total amount of staff is 161 persons.

The division is as below:

Planning Section:
The planning of slope land management policies; the research and the delimitation of the slope land area and the specific region of soil and water conservation; building up, updating and maintaining of disaster prevention and environmental geology system, rainfall stations and debris flow observation stations; engineering inspection,

Industrial and Trail Section:
The building, maintaining and management of the industrial roads and the hiking trails; maintaining and remediation of the existing roads of slope land area.

Forest Recreation Section:
The research and management of the forest of Taipei city and protection forest; planning and management of scenic zone and campground in Taipei.

Mud/Rockslide Control Section:
The research, planning, remediation of the torrents, gullies and potential debris flow torrents in slope land of Taipei.

Slope Conservation Section:
The remediation of the environmental sensitive area, mining terrain and the nu-expropriated parks; slope land agricultural communities planning and management issues.

Slope Land Building Section :
The annually inspect and counselling of soil and water conservation facilities of the slope land communities. The research, data setting up of Artificial slope (retaining wall) in Taipei.

Slope Land Construction Management Section :
The examine and inspecting of soil and water conservation plan of slope land development; the clamping down on illegal reclamations in slope land in Taipei.

Administrative Services:
Execution of administrative policies; document filing; collections and disbursements of cash; property management; research; evaluation; general administration; and affairs that do not fall under the jurisdiction of other divisions.purchasing and contract setting up.

Accounting Office :
Preparation of annual auditing and accounting affairs, as well as statistical business.

Personnel Office:
Personnel management.

Government Ethics Office:
Monitoring and reviewing of government ethics affairs.