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“The Hillside Environment Geology Information System of the Taipei Geotechnical Engineering Office” won the 8th Annual Gold Map Awards 2012 for Best Promoting Services

     In order to effectively manage hillside development and utilization, as well as slope disaster relief, the Taipei Geotechnical Engineering Office began its plans in 2003 to survey the environmental geology of the area within its jurisdiction. The “Taipei City Hillside Environment Geology Information System” was completed in 2007 and has been continuously updated and maintained till this day. In recent years, the public has become more concerned with their home surrounding environments; thus, as of January 2010, the Office has been actively promoting the established online environmental geology inquiry functions, such that citizens can use a diversified inquiry software to obtain the information they require. The success of the promotion not only increased the convenience of the public, but also won the Office the “Best Promoting Services Award” in the 8th Annual Gold Map Awards 2012, which was honorably received on July 27th by Deputy Chief Engineer Si-Wai ZHANG on behalf of the Office, from the Taiwan Geographic Information Society, at Taichung Feng Chia University.

     This is the first time the Office participated in this Award assessment and was immediately recognized; we felt highly honored and proud. The Office will continue to promote and develop convenient geographic information systems that will benefit the public.