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A first in Taiwan – Taipei City reminds people of soil conservation plans and the expiry dates of water to safeguard peoples’ rights

The Geotechnical Engineering Office, a division of the Public Works Department in Taipei City, promotes the smart management of slope land in order to consolidate control of information regarding slope land cases and the disclosure thereof. After disclosing information regarding reviewed cases and violations, the Geotechnical Engineering Office provides a service of text messages and emails regarding soil conservation plans and the expiry dates of water to remind people of the applications of construction projects and the extensions of completion dates. This is done to promote the efficacy of project management, and to avoid soil and water conservation plans expiring and becoming invalid. Likewise, peoples’ rights will not expire either.

Have any of you encountered the following painful experiences: the expiration of a uniform invoice that renders the claiming of prize money futile, fines for expired parking fees or late credit card payments, or other times things expire? Cases like these not only invalidate your rights but also bring you fines. It is troubling. But now you don’t have to worry about these types of situations when applying for water and soil conservation plans in Taipei City. The Geotechnical Engineering Office expressed that, according to the Water and Soil Conservation Plan Approval and Supervision Act, if any water and soil conservation plan is not applied during the effective period for the commencement and completion of the construction, the original approved plan will be invalid. It will cost time and money to re-apply, not to mention the effect on peoples’ rights. Therefore, the Geotechnical Engineering Office provides a leading automatic texting reminder system to prevent people from any loss because of not understanding related rules and regulations.

The Geotechnical Engineering Office expressed that the slope land data bank that has built up gradually aims to provide a better possible usage of information. In addition to promoting the managerial efficacy of the Taipei City Government, it also expects to provide people with better services. At present, there are expiry dates in each stage of the review of water and soil conservation plans, as well as in reporting the commencement and completion of construction projects, returns of deposit, and more. While ensuring the safety of slope land, it also confuses people with these complicated procedures. Now, the reminder function of the smart checking system will text or email people of important dates immediately. Replacing traditional paper documents, it safeguards peoples’ rights and speeds up administration efficiency, making a win-win situation.
P.S. For usable photos or clips, please visit the Chinese website of the Geotechnical Engineering Office (http://www.tcge.taipei.gov.tw/) for reference and downloads.