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Geotechnical Engineering Office decorates the romantic early summer with violet-blue flowers in Taipei City Neishuangxi Agapanthus Blossom Festival

As the plum rain front moves away and the heavy rain finally stops, the birds in the forest start chirping to welcome the coming summer and the long lost blue sky. The Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO), Public Works Department, Taipei City Government especially planted Agapanthus in the medicinal botanical garden in Neishuangxi Nature Center this year. The GEO looks forward for all citizens, regardless of age to “take a summer visit” to the mountain and feel the early summer atmosphere among the violet-blue Agapanthus.

  The generic name of Agapanthus africanus is derived from Greek: agape (love) and anthos (flower). The meaning (language of flower) is romantic love and the visit of love. It is indeed very beautiful when Agapanthus blooms, living up to its name. The violet-blue petals make a round circle and look like many couples dancing the waltz in a circle, and praising the beauty of love. In the greater China area, Agapanthus also symbolizes many descendants for its fruits growing in clusters, and has the name “Lily of Hundreds of Offspring.”

  Shu-Xia Sun, the Director of Forest Recreation Section, pointed out that there is a sad story behind Agapanthus. According to the story, a boy and a girl met up to pick flowers. The boy saw a beautiful flower of love blooming on the cliff and risked his life to pick the flower to win the girl’s heart. However, the boy slipped and although the girl grabbed his hand in time, she had no strength to pull him up. In the end the boy fell off the cliff and left the flower of love in the girl’s hand. This sad story added a tinge of sadness and mystery to the violet-blue Agapanthus.

  The Agapanthus in the Neishuangxi Nature Center will bloom in the coming two weeks. People may seize the fine days after the rain to appreciate the flowers. The medicinal botanical garden in Neishuangxi Nature Center is open for people to visit every Tuesday to Sunday from 9AM to 4PM. During the weekend, there will be water and soil conservation volunteers providing guided tours. Why not take the opportunity during the blossom season to visit Neishuangxi and get to know some other herbs or aromatic plants?

  PS: For relevant pictures to be referenced, if required, please visit the Website of the Geotechnical Engineering Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government (http://www.geo.gov.taipei/)(Chinese) and download the pictures.