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Several Steps away from City Noises The Best Place to Strengthen Your Body in Autumn and Winter

Blowing winter breeze announces the arrival of 2018. Instead of staying in your blanket and getting colder, why not go outdoors to strengthen your body? Xiangshan Trail, adjacent to the urban area of Xinyi District, is your best choice to stay away from city noises, linger within the woods, and experience the beauty of a rich ecosystem.
Xiangshan is the highest point of the Shishou Hills trail system. The circular main course of Shishou Hills stretches 1450 meters and takes about 90 minutes to complete the course. The course will use up 890 calories, enabling you to burn your fat and strengthen your body easily. This trail system that leads to all directions allows visitors to arrange hiking trails easily. Including the One-Line Sky and Great Crag along the way, visitors can observe precious geological features from a close distance. With multiple observation platforms, you can enjoy the sceneries of Taipei Basin while resting along the way.
Leaving the no. 2 exit of MRT Xiangshan Station, eye-catching guide signs ahead introduce the Xiangshan Trail in detail. After scanning the QR code on it with your cell phone, you can carry the route to get there with you. Walk easily along Lane 150, Section 5, Xinyi Road for 5 minutes, you can arriving at the hiking entrance of Lingyun Temple. While climbing along the wide staircase, you can experience the quiet yet flourishing wood, as you are teleported from the hustling city in an instant into Mother Nature. After climbing for 15 to 20 minutes, you can reach Photographer's Platform, the first observation platform along the way. Here with its 270o wide horizon, you can overlook the great sceneries of Xinyi Business Circle while resting.
Hikers can take pictures with Taipei 101 at many places along the trail. Places such as Camera Platform, Yihsian Pavilion, Chaoran Pavilion and other places are all well-known sightseeing spots by hikers. The famous Six Boulders is also a great spot for taking pictures and signing up on your SNS. The Firework Platform at the end of a small path adjacent to Yongchun Pavilion is the perfect place to enjoy nightscapes and Taipei 101 New Year fireworks. Due to word of mouth and online information, this place is now filled with domestic and foreign tourists. Listening to foreign languages while hiking is yet another interesting experience.
Section Manager Chen Yen-cheng of the Industrial Road and Trail Section, Geotechnical Engineering Office said that before the 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade, the Geotechnical Engineering Office has updated the trail system facilities by installing comprehensive direction signs to provide tourists with accurate attraction information and direction, friendly family handrails so that friends of all age can hike at ease, and stylish chairs designed based on the image of Xiangshan, creating another interesting picture taking sight.
PS. For those who need to use related pictures, please feel free to download them from the website of Geotechnical Engineering Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government (http://www.geo.gov.taipei/).