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Flood control period has come. Taipei City has completed propagandizing on the disaster prevention on potential debris flow torrent

According to the announcement of the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, there are 1719 debris flow torrents in Taiwan. In Taipei City, there are 50 debris flow torrents. Among them, inhabitants are residing in the neighborhood of 10 of them, covering the area of Beitou, Shilin, Xinyi, and Neihu, with the total of 8 villages. Geotechnical Engineering Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government has already visited the households one by one in the affected areas and informed them with the guidelines on evacuation. Disaster prevention campaigns were also held to educate villagers to finish disaster prevention works before the flood control period.
Geotechnical Engineering Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government expressed that among the 50 debris flow torrents in Taipei City, 3 of them are regarded to have mid-risk potential, 19 of them are low-risk potential, and 28 of them are listed under observation. By May 2018, 10 of the debris flow torrents inhabited by people in the neighborhood, there are 94 protected households, with 274 of registered inhabitants and 236 actual inhabitants, who are registered and monitored by our department.
The Geotechnical Engineering Office expressed that due to the global climate change, there are frequent short-duration intense rainfalls weather conditions. To prevent debris flow and people’s injury, in this year, we have completed the disaster prevention preparation, regular inspection and observation, household visit to inform inhabitants with related tips, and deliver disaster prevention maps before the flood control period. They communicated with residents directly to remind them of the warning rainfall and evacuation rainfall to inform each protected object accurately to allow them to obtain evacuation information. At the same time, disaster prevention campaigns were also held to educate villagers and familiarize them with the evacuation routes. In addition, disasters prevention education camps were also held to elementary school children with knowledge on debris flow.
Huang Ting-Chao, the head of Mud/Rock Slide Control Section, The Geotechnical Engineering Office said, the department has held 4 debris flow disaster prevention and evacuation exercises, 3 debris flow disaster prevention education seminars, and 2 educations camps for elementary students on debris flow prevention, with the total of 878 participants. In the campaigns, professional technicians explained that during the typhoon and heavy rain period, they should pay attention to the conditions of debris flow torrent. The speakers also informed them with the evacuation routs, telephone numbers of related disaster rescue units, and the mud/rockslide evacuation maps in their villages and neighborhoods so that people can understand how to save themselves during typhoons and heavy rains. If any help is need from them, they can report to related units rapidly to facilitate disasters rescue units to conduct immediate rescue.
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