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Eight hiking trails recommended for early autumn excursions in September

 The Geotechnical Engineering Office under Taipei City’s Public Works Department announced eight highly recommended hiking trails in suburban Taipei, namely: the Junjianyan Hiking Trail, Tianmu Waterpipe Trail, Bailusishan Hiking Trail, Jiantanshan Hiking Trail (main route), Hushan (Mt. Tiger) Hiking Trail (Highland 120), Hushan (Mt. Tiger) Ecological Trail, Xiangshan (Mt. Elephant) Beixingbao Temple Hiking Trail, Xiangshan (Mt. Elephant) Yongchungang Hiking Trail and the Camphor Tree Trail.
     Section Chief Xia Xian-tong, of the Geotechnical Engineering Office, said the Junjianyan Hiking Trail in Beitou District is different from any artificial foot path because it was built with gigantic stones and rocks, a unique arrangement that offers hikers a thrilling experience resembling rock climbing.
     The Tianmu Waterpipe Trail is in Shilin District. Hikers taking the trail will not only enjoy the melodious chirps of birds and insects amid the murmuring sound of water running inside a huge water pipe, but also be greeted by Chinese Culture University at the end of the footpath, which is yet another perfect sightseeing spot.
     Located in Neihu District, the Bailusishan Hiking Trail is in closer proximity to an MRT station than the other seven recommended trails. The Bailusishan Hiking Trail starts near the Dahu Park and faces it throughout its length, offering pleasant views of a serene lake from different angles. It is terrific for busy city-dwellers to indulge in quiet and rare relaxation.
     The Jiantanshan Hiking Trail is a gently sloped path accessible next to the Bihai Villa at the foothill below the Grand Hotel. Lined on both sides with spacious courtyards suitable for physical exercises, the path ends at the Benyuanshan Yuantongyan Temple, where toy windmills, figurines of animals and deities are sold alongside Buddhist classics.
     Xiangshan (Mt. Elephant) and Hushan (Mt. Tiger) are hilly areas lying nearest to the Xinyi District, which makes the Hushan Hiking Trail (Highland 120), Xiangshan Ecological Trail and Xiangshan Beixingbao Temple Hiking Trail wonderful vantage points to appreciate the towering Taipei 101 Building or the Taiwan basin in the distance.
     The Camphor Tree Trail in Maokong, Wenshan District, consists entirely of gentle slopes that are surrounded by scenically terraced tea gardens.
     Hiking is a great idea to spend September, when the summer heat is turning into refreshing autumn coolness. We welcome you to visit Taipei’s hiking trails anytime for dialogues with Mother Nature, embodied in the spectacular sky or the lush woods.