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The current condition of landslides potential debris flow in Taipei is always under watch. Taipei citizens do not need to worry about landslide

  The latest information in the survey released by the Agency of Rural Development & Soil and Water Conservation, MOA in August 2023 indicates that there are 1,731 potential debris flow torrents in Taiwan and 50 of them are in Taipei, covering eight villages in Beitou, Shilin, Xinyi and Neihu District. There are residents near ten of these rivers. The investigation and evaluation results show that there are two mid-risk and twenty low-risk potential debris flow torrents. Further observation is required for twenty-eight torrents.

  Geotechnical Engineering Office pointed out that there are fifty potential debris flow torrents in Taipei and there are residents living in area affected by ten potential debris flow torrents. Geotechnical Engineering Office entrusted professional technical units to inspect, observe and govern these areas over the years. These torrents are improved year and year and the protected objects are protected. All of the potential debris flow torrents in Taipei are now safe and stable. Every year before the flood control season, the Geotechnical Engineering Office visits these residents to promote disaster prevention, distributes the Disaster Evacuation Map to them, communicates with them face-to-face, and reminds them to be aware of the warning-level rainfall and evacuation-level rainfall. It informs the area of evacuation news, promotes landslide prevention and scenario planning, and always keeps an eye on real-time rainfall data during extreme climate events such as typhoons and torrential rains. Meanwhile, based on the yellow or red alert of potential debris flow torrents in Taipei released by Agency of Rural Development & Soil and Water Conservation, Geotechnical Engineering Office advises or evacuates protected residents and guides them to a shelter to ensure their life and property safety In addition, professional disaster prevention agencies always stay alert to prevent disasters and rescue protected objects during and after the disaster to minimize the disaster effects.

  Chu Hsin An, Section Chief of Geotechnical Engineering Office indicated that every year the Geotechnical Engineering Office appoints professional technicians to inspect fifty potential debris flow torrents in Taipei during flood control season. In addition to three times regular inspection every May, August and November, flexible inspections are held during typhoons, torrential rains or earthquakes in the flood control season, to solve potential risks for the structure of the water conservation facilities of canal, cross facilities (road or bridge), and potential debris flow sources. Geotechnical Engineering Office endeavors to prevent debris flow or landslide, and secure potential debris flow torrents and protected objects.

Note: If you need to refer to photos, please search for and download them from the website of "Geotechnical Engineering Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government" (http://www.geo.gov.taipei/).