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Taipei City Hiking Trails Offer Access to Nature

Taipei Universiade 2017 is in full force and our athletes continue to achieve great results. The Universiade mascot "Bravo the Bear" wants to invite you to join in on a trip to Xianshan, to “check in” and click “likes”. The Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) of the Taipei City Public Works Department welcomes Universiade teams from across the world to the internationally renowned and newly improved Xianshan Trail. Show Taiwan to the world!
  GEO indicated that the Xianshan Hiking Trail improvements include additional guard rails, designed seating, kind reminders, drinking water fountains, and flower gardens. The improvements are widely approved by public of all ages. The Xianshan Trail is near the Xiangshan Station on the MRT Tamsui-Xinyi Line; it is the first choice for an elevated view of Taipei 101, and has become an internationally renowned travel hot spot.
  Bravo signboards have been installed at 6 scenic spots along the Xianshan trail in celebration of Universiade. Visitors are welcome to hike for health and to cheer on our athletes.
  GEO Industrial and Trail Section Chief Chen Yen-Cheng said that the old guard rails have been replaced to make them more user-friendly. The thoughtful replacements make it easier to hike up and down the mountain. 4 sets of seats designed based on the Chinse character of "Xian" (means “elephant”), kind reminders, and flowers and plants, etc., are installed along the trail to offer hikers a comfortable rest before continuing on the hike.
  The most important rule of hiking is to stay hydrated; a drinking fountain has been installed on the Xianshan photography platform to quench thirst.
  Take the MRT Tamsui-Xinyi Line to Xianshan Station, take exit 2 to walk to the entrance of the trail, hike up to Liuju Rock, follow the guide map, and you will find all 6 Bravo signboards. Don't forget to “check in” on your FaceBook!
  Public transportation, such as MRT, buses, or Ubikes is recommended for a carefree, leisurely trip. For any suggestions or feedback on the trail facilities or environment, please fill out the GEO trail satisfaction online questionnaire (https://goo.gl/QZ5fpQ). Free Taipei City hiking trail map is available from the GEO Industrial and Trail Section upon request, or you may also download the map at the GEO Recreation Website (http://gisweb.taipei.gov.tw/release/).
  PS. To use related photos, please download them from the GEO website (http://www.geo.gov.taipei/).