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“Chulu Bishan” to Start Your Brand New Mountain Life!

“Chulu Bishan” to Start Your Brand New Mountain Life

  In recent years, camping has become more and more popular. For beginners who want to join the camping life but have no idea how to camp safely, the Geotechnical Engineering Office(GEO) will hold two sessions of camping promotion events “Chulu Bishan” on holidays in October. Everyone is welcomed to team up with their children to register for participation, to get close to mother nature and enjoy the physical and mental relaxation!

  According to the GEO, the Bishan Campsite is located between Daluntou Mountain and Dalunwei Mountain, with an altitude of approximately 350m and contains abundant ecological resources. The campsite adopts human and nature's co-existence as its operating theme, conveys the spirit of sustainable development and utilization for the ecology and preserves ample space for getting close to nature. Within the campsite, there is a hiking trail of approximately 1km; citizens may enjoy the forest bath with leisure within the green forest at Bishan. In addition, abundant tourist attractions such as Bishan Temple and Baishihu Suspension Bridge are also recreational options available for citizens.

  According to LIN, SHIH-YUAN, Section Chief of the Forestry Recreation Section, GEO, the delicate planning of the event targets the beginners; the camping spot, tent, and stove are prepared for citizens, while participants only have to prepare their own sleeping bags, cookout appliance, and food ingredients. The GEO will arrange the camping skill and cookout skill programs to convey the easy, simple, and safe camping concepts, allowing those who camp for the first time to quickly pick up the skills. Bishan Campsite has minor light pollution during the night, which allows it to become a fair venue for stargazing in Taipei. A starlight concert will also be arranged for the event, inviting participants to enjoy a starlight feast of acoustic guitar. In order to deepen the happy experiences of co-existence between citizens and nature, events such as forest yoga and ecological observation are also arranged in the morning for citizens to jointly experience the natural aesthetics of the mountain and forest.

  The event is free of charge; however, the restriction is that the participants shall be those who have never participated in the camping event organized by the GEO or those who have never applied for the camping spot. Plus, participants shall be families with children (participation of children below junior high school is required). The registration for session 1 and session 2 is expected to be opened at 12 p.m. on 30 September (Wednesday) and 16 October (Friday). Online registration is adopted. Maximum groups allowed shall be 39 groups (2-4 people/group) for each session; Taipei City residents shall be prioritized when the number registered group is more than 39. The accepted sequence shall be determined by way of lots.
Details for registration, please check out the event’s registration form: https://forms.gle/vTn9mMiytY7TZpih9
Event Consultation Line: (02)2368-0602 Ms. Guan/Ms. Zhao
Service Mailbox: iloveforest@friendlyseed.com.tw