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Promote road safety in the mountain area to provide people with safety in transportation

The Geotechnical Engineering Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government is responsible for the maintenance of 436 roads and 28 bridges in the mountain area announced and controlled by Taipei City Government. They are located at different administrative districts: Beitou, Shilin, Zhongshan, Neihu, Xinyi, Wenshan, and Nangang. Every year, it inspects, weeds, trims hanging down trees, maintains and improves the bridges and tests them every two years at the mountain roads announced as regulated by Taipei City Government to minimize risks during disasters. By doing so, it provides a safe environment to safeguard people’s lives and properties.

The Geotechnical Engineering Office expressed that by promoting the overall quality of the mountain roads, autonomous evaluation of the mountain roads will be held annually. It invites experts and scholars to provide suggestions for further improvements regarding the quality, safety, and comfortable environment of the mountain roads. In the end, it aims to accomplish the goal of road safety in the mountain area.

In 2017, the Geotechnical Engineering Office inspected 436 roads in the mountain area regularly as routine. Their total length is 213km, being inspected weekly. During typhoons, downpours, and earthquakes, personnel will be sent on the second day to inspect and examine the conditions. In total, 225 cases have been reported. 1,820 personnel were sent to operate excavators, bulldozers, cranes and other equipment in rescue missions. In addition, remediation was applied to15,393m 2 of side slope; 57,998m 2 of roads paved; 1,416m of guardrails and 1,962m of drainage maintained. In Taipei City, 196km of roads are weeded every season to provide overall service quality for roads, road safety for pedestrians, good views, and quality leisure space for road users.

To provide convenience to people and innovate computerized management of roads in mountain areas, the Geotechnical Engineering Office will establish the road digging in mountain area system in 2018, and a computerized road management system. The help of the road digging in mountain areas will facilitate people to apply for digging in mountain areas with a prompt, convenient, and efficient service. As to the computerized road management system, it can track the life-cycle of mountain roads, using big data to analyze and provide feedback, while also allowing more efficient use of maintenance funds. In sum, it provides much improved service quality for mountain roads, offering people a more comfortable and safer transportation environment.