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Get away from the heat in mountains at the end of summer. Meet the forests, hills and streams in Beitou

 This summer is unusually hot. The End of Heat is over but it is still hot. Go to the mountains at the end of summer vacation or on weekends. Get away from the crowd and go hiking. Walk in cool shade and enjoy the flowing streams.

 The altitude of Zhuzihu in Beitou District is 670 meters. As a typical rural settlement, Zhuzihu integrates industries such as local flower farms with natural resources to develop agricultural recreation. In addition to the renowned Yang Ming Shan Flower Festival from March to May every year, the Black Forest, which went viral in the past years, is also a popular spot. The Geotechnical Engineering Office continues to dredge gullies through the Neo-Natural River Reconstruction Method, taking natural habitat, eco-friendliness and disaster prevention into account, and creating a leisure space of blue skies and green fields.

 “Dinghu Circular Trail” and “Yangming Creek Waterside Trail” in Dinghu Area and “Calla Lily Circular Trail” and “Calla Lily Path” in Xiahu Area are easy, flat hiking trails along the river and canals. Furthermore, the Geotechnical Engineering Office built a pedestrian-and-vehicle separated road along the irrigation canal in front of Hutian Elementary School. When you walk down the stairs from the scenic lookout diagonally opposite to Hutian Elementary School, you can stroll in this serene natural secret path. You can walk on the Shuicheliao Trail of Hutian Bridge and Zhuzihu Road along the way to feel the cool stream and fresh air in the mountains.

 At last, here’s a reminder that visitors must always be alert when they go mountain climbing or visit the river. It is hot and there are still the potential for convectional rain and typhoons. River flash floods in the mountains occur accordingly. Be careful when playing near the stream and valleys. Keep a safe distance from the river.

 Note: If you need to refer to photos, please search for and download them from the website of Geotechnical Engineering Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government (http://www.geo.gov.taipei/).

 1.    Take the Tamsui-Xinyi Line and get off at Beitou Station. Take Bus Xiao 9 and get off at Hutian Bridge Station or Zhuzihu Police Station.

 2.    Take the Tamsui-Xinyi Line and get off at Shipai Station. Take Bus Xiao 8 and get off at Hutian Bridge Station or Zhuzihu Police Station.

 3.    Take Bus 108, 109, 110, 230, 260 or Red 5 to Yangmingshan. Take Bus Xiao 9 and get off at Hutian Bridge Station or Zhuzihu Police Station.