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The third disaster-prevented propaganda of Slope Buildings has accomplished in the hundredth year

     On this May 26 , the third disaster-prevented propaganda of Slope Buildings (for Beitou,Shih-Lin and Chung-Shan District) has accomplished in activity center of Shih-Lin District ,where there were total 81 people .

     The main topic is to teach residents how to inspect water and soil conservation facilities and use the environmental-geology information system to query if their houses are in the geology-sensitive region so that the awareness of precaution may be enhanced. In addition, we invited an experienced lecturer to share the knowledge of community disaster prevention. In order to encourage residents to join discussion, people who answered the questions of lecturer could get practical presents of rescue bags.

     The fourth propaganda will be held by the end of June. Every resident who want to come is welcome.(Call slope buildings department for more information: (02)27593001#3612)