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It is time to take the Maokong through the Camphor Walking Trail to admire the beauty of flowers during the New Year holidays in 2018.

The New Year is forthcoming in 2018. Have you thought about where to go during the three holidays? In addition to watching the beautiful fireworks show around Taipei 101, you can also go take the Maokong through the Camphor Walking Trail to admire the beauty of LupinLupin Flowers all over the mountains while the pine leaves discolor and wither. The Geotechnical Engineering Office under the Public Works Department of Taipei City Government is here to invite you to go hiking in the mountains and admire the flowers for fun.
The Geotechnical Engineering Office said that the flowering golden inflorescences of Lupin Flowers are now swaying in the Camphor Walking Trail with a total area of about 1.5 hectares. The surrounding environment has a broad vision and is rich in rural images with ox carts, water tankers and bicycles, which are very interesting. Beside the Caiyun Pavilion, there are a few towering deciduous cypress trees and the leaves are withering and falling as their color turns from emerald green to brown owing to the change of the season. Walking on the trail is very relaxed and comfortable, and visitors are welcomed to collect some good memories.
Chen Yencheng, Director of the Geotechnical Engineering Office, said that, this time, the Lupin Flowers are planted in batches on the fallow lands next to the trail and they blossom with advances in time. The first batch of gold-colored Lupin Flowers are now in bloom. The second batch of Lupin Flowers will blossom in January, approximately, after the New Year. During this period, visitors can come to the Camphor Walking Trail to admire the flowers. The government encourages visitors to make every possible use of MRT, bus or YouBike and other public transport to go on a happy trip to the trail. Around the Camphor Walking Trail, visitors can go ahead as directed by the flowers and admire their magnificence.
If you have any suggestions on the facilities and environment of the trails, you are welcome to fill in the questionnaire (https://goo.gl/QZ5fpQ) on the Trail Satisfaction Survey Website. If you need a map of Taipei's hiking trail, you can pick it up for free at the Industrial and Trail Section of the Geotechnical Engineering Office, or download the information from the Geotechnical Engineering Office’s thematic website on Leisure and Recreation (http://gisweb.taipei.gov.tw/release/).
P.S.: To cite relevant pictures, please refer to the website of the Geotechnical Engineering Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government(http://www.geo.gov.taipei/) for free to download.