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First Direct Drinking Water Service along Taipei City Hiking Trails

In order to improve the hiking environment in Taipei City, the first ever direct drinking water machines were installed at the hiking trail entrances, offering drinking water that is sustainable and healthful. The Geotechnical Engineering Office (Public Works Department, Taipei City Government) and the Taipei Water Department cooperated on the planning and survey. Currently, 6 trail entrances have had direct drinking water machines installed, including the Xianjiyan Trail, Tianmu Ancient Trail, Dalunweishan Trail, Bihu Trail, Shuicheliao Trail, and Hengling Ancient Trail. There will be subsequent installation discussions on the water pipe distribution routes and trail locations.

  The Geotechnical Engineering Office indicated that hiking is an aerobic sport, where the body loses a large amount of water; insufficient water supplementation under high summer temperatures may easily lead to heat stroke. After the drinking water machines are installed, the public will no longer need to purchase bottled water. Hikers only need to bring water bottles or containers to fill up before the hike, which not only reduces the number of waste bottles, and achieves environmental conservation in mind, body and soul, but also offers multiple benefits in one.

  The Taipei Water Department explained that each direct drinking water machine has two water dispensers: one for direct drinking, and the other for filling water bottles; the water quality has all been inspected and is qualified, so the public can drink without worry.

  Chen Yan-Cheng, Section Chief of the Trail Section, Geotechnical Engineering Office said that since 2010, Taipei City has been continuously offering portable toilet services at the trail entrances, which currently has reached 67 units; this is done to satisfy the public's physical needs, and protect a sanitary mountain forest environment. Furthermore, for a user-friendly portable toilet, special foundation and steps are installed for aesthetics and improvement of the overall service quality.

  The 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade is about to welcome athletes and guests from all over the world. Taipei City will continue to inspect the water supply quality of the hiking trail surroundings, such as Sishoshan Trail, etc., and add new direct drinking water machines to improve the hiking environment service quality.

  Visitors are recommended to take public transportation such as the MRT, buses, YouBikes, etc. for a relaxing and enjoyable trip to the trails. For Taipei City trail maps, please contact the Geotechnical Engineering Office Trail Section for a free copy or download from the Geotechnical Engineering Office website (http://www.geo.gov.taipei/)(Chinese).