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Green Taipei, Land of Diversity - Let’s walk the trail together 2018 Ecological Guided Trail Tour accepting registrations now!

After the long cold winter ends, the earth wears a green dress and all the plants bud. Why not take advantage of this great season by walking outdoors and stepping into the mountain wild to loosen up? The Geotechnical Engineering Office of the Public Works Department, Taipei City Government is inviting the public to stroll along the trail for revitalization in the warm spring, and take a brisk and lively journey to experience vibrant “Green Taipei” and appreciate this “Land of Diversity.”
The Geotechnical Engineering Office has announced that this year there will be 4 sessions of Trail Ecological Guided Tours held at the locations in the following order: Pingding Ancient Canal Loop Hiking Trail, Nangangshan Hiking Trail, Daluntou and Dalunweishan Scenic Hiking Trail, Hengling Ancient Way Loop Hiking Trail. Each participant of the respective guided tour will be gifted a souvenir upon finishing the route. The souvenir varies for each session. Hikers are encouraged to join all the tours and make a collection!
The first session of Ecological Guided Trail Tour takes place at Pingding Ancient Canal Loop Hiking Trail on April 14th and accepts 300 participants. Registration starts from March 30th until it is fully booked. Interested parties are invited to google Taiwan Nature Trail Society Blog (http://blog.xuite.net/naturet/ngo)and complete registration online; for more information, please visit the website of the Geotechnical Engineering Office , or call (02)2302-5265 and a special service agent will provide you with the necessary services.
The chief of the Industrial and Trail Section at the Geotechnical Engineering Office, Chen Yan-cheng, says for all participants to assemble on April 14th at 8 am at the “entrance of Pingding Ancient Canal Hiking Trail” bus stop, the terminal station of small bus #18. Then, start walking along lane 370, section 3, Zhishan Road. Cut into “Pingding Ancient Canal Hiking Trail” Zhishan Road Hiking entrance at the right side of private residence #29. After passing the Tianweizi Bridge crossing Shuangsi, walk uphill and you will come to a road junction shortly. Take the left Hiking way routed through the Dengfeng Canal, Pingding New Canal, Pingding Ancient Canal, Qingfeng kiosk and Dayin platform then the Daqitou Hiking Trail. Walk on the downhill trail with steps until you get back to Zishan Road and the path makes a circle. The tour ends at the entrance of the Pingding Ancient Canal Hiking Trail entrance bus stop.
Along the trail, you can see the landscapes of the magnificent rocky wall, clear water creek, hundred-year-old ancient canal and splendid water terrace farming area. It’s a featured route with its exclusive signatures. This activity is featured in response to Hiking Trail and 422 Earth Day. In addition to the Ecological Guided Tour, there are 4 environmental educational topics including water footprint, ecology footprint, Lishan Yuanjing water terrace farming area and the spring Welcome Earth Day in the hopes of reminding people to strive for environmental protection.
PS: For anyone who needs to cite related pictures and photos, please visit the website of the Geotechnical Engineering Office of the Public Works Department, Taipei City Government (http://www.geo.gov.taipei) for free downloads.