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The 10 unique sceneries of Yuanshan that you must visit!

 Yuanshan is one of Taipei City’s three scenic areas. It boasts a splendid panoramic view, high accessibility traffic-wise and numerous recreational spots in the neighborhood, including the Martyrs’ Shrine, Xinsheng Park and the Grand Hotel. Meanwhile, the footpaths and constant cicada drones in Yuanshan have long been popular with hikers or mountaineers across the city. The Geotechnical Engineering Office under Taipei City’s Public Works Department started a makeover plan of the dilapidated Yuanshan Scenic Area immediately after being appointed its governing body in 2010; it has since been exploring, and building on, the potential of regionally distinctive attractions.
     To renovate the facilities in the 133-hectare Yuanshan Scenic Area, the Geotechnical Engineering Office launched a comprehensive plan in 2010 to make improvements in a multi-phase and annual basis. The revitalized scenic area was laid out under the principle of “the Three Goods and Ten Beauties: the 10 Sceneries of Yuanshan” with improvements scheduled on an annual basis. As the Chinese name of Yuanshan (aka the “Round Mountain”) suggests “a perfect 10,” the authorities selected 10 attractions unique to the Yuanshan area and revamped them under the three existing themes of “fun, beautiful and magical.” Costing more than NT$10 million each year, this multi-phase improvement plan is now showing results and is widely acclaimed by visitors.
     The 10 Sceneries of Yuanshan are:
1. The Grand Hotel
2. The Formosan Blue Magpie Scenic Landscape Area
3. The LOHAS Woodland
4. The Forest of Insect
5. The Military Sentry Boxes
6. The Prosperity of Downtown Taipei
7. Sunset over Mt. Guanyin
8. The ‘Old Place’ Observation Deck
9. The Flying Birds’ Home
10. The Military Tunnel
     Chief He Ming-yu of the Forest Recreation Section of the Geotechnical Engineering Office said the Yuanshan Scenic Area is known as a forest of highly diversified species besides footpaths lined with lush greenery. The wooden platforms perched amid a stretch of verdancy, he noted, provide opportunities to breathe the crisp forest air on a relaxed, LOHAS trip. So why not take a break to enjoy the striking mountain area, shed some sweat during exercises, and feel closer to Mother Nature?