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Tongxin Pond of Baishihu Community, Taipei City Gets a New Look

As the spring vacation approaches, the joyful atmosphere of Chinese New Year is ubiquitous. Tongxin Pond in the Baishihu community, Taipei City, has been given a new look by Geotechnical Engineering Office, Public Works Department of Taipei City Government. The spring vacation is expected to be the best time to enjoy the beauty of the flowers. As you visit the place, we advise you to relax and stroll around to enjoy the mirthful ambiance and the warm New Year atmosphere in the rural community.

The Geotechnical Engineering Office said that Tongxin Pond has been decorated with joyful poinsettias and black tee trees, whose symbolic meaning is wealth. In the island area inside the pond, the black tea trees cover the scorching red heart, while the outside is surrounded by bright red poinsettias. This decoration resonates with the meaning of “Tongxin (one heart),” creating a strong sense of happiness.

Chen Jian-Fan, chief of the Slope Conservation Section, Geotechnical Engineering Office, said that there are many more scenic spots that will grant you happiness; for example, the famous Bai Shi Lake Bridge looks like a giant dragon lying across the valley. Also, Bi Shan Yan, Wishing Tree, Old House of the Huang Family, Sweet Water Mandarin Duck Lake, Secret Bamboo Forest, Da Lun Lake, Boulevard Happiness, and Bi Shan Campsite, are all linked together in a route for a one-day trip. People who like to climb mountains or hike can also use the Da Lun Trail, Dragon Boat Rock Trail, Zhong Yong Mt. Trail, Yuan Jiao Temple Trail, etc.; so come to the Baishihu community and enjoy the delights of rustic life in an urban area.

The Director of the Development Association of Baishihu Community, Lin Mei-Xue, said that now is the red strawberry season in the Baishihu community. Local strawberries are grown on trellises in the greenhouse. Therefore, even if it rains, you do not have to worry about the mud that keeps you from walking, so that you can pick the fruits with ease. Meanwhile, shops in the neighborhood also feature meals combining strawberries and local plants. The Baishihu community is an urban rural community that contains “Healthy Organic Vegetables and Fruits”, “Scenic Spots that Give You Happiness” and “Natural Ecological Landscape.” The scenery differs as the seasons change. The community is the top choice for travelling in the suburbs of Taipei City.

P.S. If you need relevant images, please refer to the website of Geotechnical Engineering Office, Public Works Department of Taipei City Government (http://www.tcge.taipei.gov.tw/) to download the images. Traffic Information

By car: Exit from Chenggong Road Interchange Freeway No.1, go to Chenggong Road and go straight. Then turn left to Jinlong Road, and go to Bishan Road. Follow the route navigation signs to get to the Bi Shan Yan parking lot. By bus: Take the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) to MRT Neihu Station. From the bus stop MRT Neihu Station at the MRT exit, take Small 2 or Small 2 (local bus) to the Baishihu community.