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Administrative scope:

  1. Conservation and Utilization
    ‧ Enquiry boundary of slope land
    ‧ Evaluation of usable area of slope lands

  2. Monitoring and Inspection
    ‧ Review and Inspection of Soil and Water Conservation Projects
    ‧ Investigation and prosecution of the violation of Soil and Water Preservation Law

  3. Safety of Hillside Communities
    ‧ Implementation of disaster mitigation improvement of hillside village
    ‧ Surveillance and monitoring of village during flood season
    ‧ Evacuation and disaster prevention during typhoon season

  4. Soil and Water Conservation Awareness
    ‧ Consultation service for the community
    ‧ Cultivation and education for soil and water conservation volunteers

  5. Soil and Water Conservation
    ‧ Regular maintenance of Industrial Roads, Hiking Trails,
      Soil and Water Conservation Engineering in slope land

  6. Industrial Roads
    ‧ Regular maintenance of 65 Industrial Roads

  7. Renovation of Hiking Trails
    ‧ Offering the Mountain Passport to citizens
    ‧ Mapping out the Mountain hiking trails
    ‧ Renewing and printing out the Maps of Hiking Trail About Five Chains of Mountains in Taipei City

  8. Stream Management and Regulation
    ‧ Watershed Management and Erosion Control
    ‧ Prevention of Debris Flow Disasters

  9. Environmental Geology Database
    ‧ Update and Maintain the Environmental Geology Data Warehouse System (EGDWS)