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Endless Surprises as You Overlook the Scenery around Zhinan Temple on Taipei MaoKong Gondola

Centering on Zhinan Temple, the scenic area around Zhinan Temple in Taipei’s Wenshan District has been an appealing destination for people who want to climb the mountain or hike. The place is also a religious center where believers come and worship deities. The surroundings are beautiful and serene. Together with the gondola station, the place is easily accessible by public transport. Meanwhile, combining religion, culture and natural scenery, the place has been using “three religions and five chapels, a compass for life” as its main concept in recent years, rendering itself as a truly unique scenic spot.

The Geotechnical Engineering Office, Public Works Department of Taipei City Government stated that they started with the idea of Land Art to build a whole new experience for taking the Maokong Gondola; a romantic sea of flowers is about to be revealed in this sacred place for lovers. Also, after the Chinese fringe trees and alfalfa plants grow, the place will become a white and purple worry-free forest during the flowering season. In the meantime, the green grassland creates a symbolic image of cows rummaging around. Frequent visitors can stroll around the usual scenery and discover new surprises, whereas first-time visitors are advised to take the MaoKong Gondola to enjoy a panoramic view and get to know the merits of the scenic area around Zhinan Temple.

Sun Shu-Shia, Chief of Forest Recreation Section, Geotechnical Engineering Office, said that many little white flowers, called Snow in April, will grow on the Chinese fringe trees every April in the worry-free forest, a sacred place for lovers. Combined with alfalfa plants, a healing view of white and purple on the hillside will help you forget about your worries. On the other side, there will be Longflower Lilies in spring, Daylilies in summer and Vine Peanuts in fall blooming in rotation, welcoming visitors all year round with enthusiasm.

Ps. If you need relevant images, please refer to the website of Geotechnical Engineering Office, Public Works Department of Taipei City Government (http://www.tcge.taipei.gov.tw/) (Chinese) to download the images.