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Hiking trails in Taipei lead you to mountains and waters

The Xishan Community in Shilin is located on Yangmingshan, with the two cleanest brooks in Taipei: Shuangxi River and Jingque River. With spectacular natural environments, it constitutes a unique rural scene, with canal views and a mountain landscape. In addition, there are other scenic spots such as Fenguizui, Shengren Waterfall and more, which attract many visitors. The Geotechnical Engineering Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government expressed that cyclists are highly recommended to cycle around, feeling the caress of the breeze during the season of the Autumn Equinox. With the National Palace Museum as the starting point, they can ride along Section 3 of Zhishan Road and turn to the mountain trail at Lane 71. Passing the settlement at Banling, and climbing the last section of the trial uphill, you will arrive at the “Bike Station.” It is nice to take a break there and feel the comfortable caress of mountain breeze, and overlook the magnificent landscapes of Shilin and downtown Neihu.
Chen, Chien-Fan, the Chief of the Slope Conservation Section of the Geotechnical Engineering Office said there is an old canal near the settlement at Xishan Banling. It can be accessed from the trail by the stairs at Lane 71, Section 3 of Zhishan Road. Tall longan trees and banyan trees stand side by side. At one side there are laundry trays, foot washing platforms, and more. Ascending the stone stairs, you will walk along the old canal with water running alongside it. Just take a turn, and you will see an old and simple Land God Temple. Going further by following the sound of running water, you will arrive at a waterfall with water roaring in a tranquil environment. Hiking along this trail, you can feel the primitive scenes of this hundred-year-old historic site.
In addition, the Shilin Xishan Community Development Association will hold the “Eat Many to Eat Plenty – Gourmet Food Peace Ritual in the Pastoral” on September 23, 2017 at Banling Settlement, Xishan. In the venue, there will be a friendly small farmers’ market to present you fresh produce directly from agricultural production areas. Moreover, there will be folk toymaking, DIY crafting, and other activities. You are welcomed to visit Xishan to enjoy the leisure of eating local cuisine by the terrace and canal. It is fun and appetizing. (For further information on “Eat Many to Eat Plenty – Gourmet Food Peace Ritual in the Pastoral” and to sign up for it, please search the “Neishuangxi Broadcast Station” FB fan page).
For people intending to go to Banling, Xishan by car, we recommend entering the venue at Lane 71, Section 3, Zhishan Road. For people going by bus, we recommend taking the Small 19 bus at the National Palace Museum, and getting off at Banling. Taking public transportation is strongly recommended.
PS.: If relevant pictures are needed, you are welcome to download and liberally use them from the website of the Geotechnical Engineering Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government (http://www.geo.gov.taipei/).